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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Francis Marion WASHBURN and Lovina MATTHEWS family

Francis Marion Washburn was born 3 July 1839 in Coolville, Athens County, Ohio. He was the son of Roswell Washburn and Leura Cleveland. His mother died 6 days after his birth and he was raised by his father's cousin, Susan Paulk, and her husband Craig Dutton.

Francis served in the 116th Ohio Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. After the war, he married Lovina Matthews on 14 October 1865 in Porter, Gallia County, Ohio. Lovina was born 14 March 1840 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio to Thomas Russell Matthews and Susan Roath.

Francis and Lovina lived in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio until moving to Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio by 1877.

Lovina died in Cincinnati on 19 December 1883 and was buried in McGhee Cemetery in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio, where her infant daughter, Lizzie, was buried.

Francis married second Melinda Knabb on 25 October 1888. Melinda was the widow of Elijah M Townsley and Jacob Markley. The marriage was apparently short lived since there is no mention of Melinda when Francis was granted his Civil War pension on 12 November 1890.

Over the years, Francis had many jobs. He was a harness and saddle maker in Gallia County. But on moving to Cincinnati, he became a butter and egg dealer, then a grocer. After 1900, he was a hackman, porter and janitor.

Francis died on 18 February 1912 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was buried at Mount Washington Cemetery in Mount Washington, Hamilton County, Ohio.

Francis Marion Washburn and Lovina Matthews had 4 daughters:
  1. Mary Susan Washburn born 28 September 1866 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio and died 19 April 1919 in Cincinnati. She married George Elder Hillis (25 May 1857 - 31 May 1917).
  2. Lizzie Gertrude Washburn born 17 October 1868 and died 24 February 1869 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio.
  3. Myrtle Ione Washburn born 3 November 1872 in Huntington Township, Gallia County, Ohio and died 24 March 1951 in Cincinnati. She married Silas Barrett Waters (8 Sep 1860 - 3 Dec 1936).
  4. Sylvia Cynthia Washburn  born 29 Jan 1878 in Cincinnati and died 29 Jun 1934 in Cincinnati. She never married.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

George E HILLIS and Mary S WASHBURN family

George Elder Hillis was born 25 May 1857 in Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana. He was the oldest child of Joseph Hillis and Susan Brown Morse.

He married Mary Susan Washburn on 5 September 1886 in Hamilton County, Ohio. Mary was born 28 September 1866 in Vinton, Gallia County, Ohio. She was the oldest child of Francis Marion Washburn and Lovina Matthews.

After their marriage, George and Mary lived in Cincinnati, Ohio; Boone County, Kentucky and Rising Sun, Indiana.

George died on 31 March 1917 in Rising Sun. Mary died on 19 April 1919 in Cincinnati. According to their death certificates they were both buried in Rising Sun, but no burial record has been found for either of them.

George and Mary had 9 children:
  1. Joseph Mills Hillis born 24 Dec 1887 in Cincinnati. He died 3 May 1974 in El Dorado, Kansas. He married Margaret Daniel (abt 1898 - ?).
  2. Francis Marion Hillis born 13 Dec 1888 in Cincinnati. He died 12 Oct 1977 in Rising Sun. He married Mary Ann Johnston (11 Sep 1883 - 25 Aug 1951).
  3. Sylvia C Hillis born 13 Aug 1892 in Kentucky. She died 21 Mar 1970 in Kenton County, Kentucky. She married 1st Sidney Sayers Clements (19 Jan 1891 - 5 Jul 1940) and 2nd a Mr. Lawson.
  4. Alice Susan Hillis born 1 Apr 1896 in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. She died 31 Jul 1979 in Hamilton County, Ohio. She married Dewey Francis Bascom (6 May 1898 - 2 Jun 1975).
  5. Vallie I Hillis born 16 Nov 1898 in Indiana. She died 14 Jan 1994 in Rising Sun. She married Fred Hess (4 Jul 1890 - 6 Mar 1966).
  6. George Raymond Hillis born 17 Jul 1900 in Indiana. He died 29 Jun 1973 in Cincinnati. He married Dorothy York.
  7. Barret Guy Hillis born 30 Dec 1906 in Rising Sun. He died 15 Jul 1995 in Montgomery, Ohio. He married Gladys B Griffith.
  8. Unnamed child born 8 April 1908 and died 7 Jul 1909 in Ohio County, Indiana.
  9. Willard Hillis stillborn 29 Feb 1912.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Marriage of Roswell Washburn and Leura Cleveland

Roswell WASHBURN and Leura CLEVELAND are my 4th great grandparents. They were married in Athens County, Ohio on 24 November 1824.

State of Ohio, Athens county, I hereby certify that on the 21st day of Novr 1824, I joined together in the holy state of matrimony Roswell Washburn and Laury Cleaveland both of lawful age, given under my hand & seal this 21st day of Novr 1824 By Elam Frost Justice of the Peace

Date of License: 1824 Novr 15th

Athens County Ohio, Ohio, County Marriages, 1790-1950, page 5, Roswell Washburn and Laury Cleaveland, 21 November 1824; digital images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 6 June 2011).

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Life of Alice HILLIS - Her Parent's Deaths

This is part of my series The Life of Alice Susan HILLIS, my great grandmother.

Alice and Dewey had a happy moment on their wedding day on 10 January 1917.

But 3 months later on 31 March 1917, Alice's father died in Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana. George E HILLIS was 59 years old and died from valvular heart disease.

Two years later, Alice had to deal with the death of her mother. Mary Susan WASHBURN died 19 Apr 1919 in Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio from a septic infection.

Their death records both state that they were buried in Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana. I have found no mention of their grave. I believe that the family did not have money for a gravestone from things that my grandmother has told me.

Next time we will look find more tragedy in the family.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Life of Alice HILLIS - Her Parents Get Married

This is part of my series The Life of Alice Susan HILLIS, my great grandmother.

To begin the life of Alice Susan HILLIS, we will start with the marriage of her parents. Of course could go back many generations to all of her ancestors, but that would take too long (and her father is my brickwall).

George E HILLIS was born in Rising Sun, Ohio county, Indiana in May 1857 to unknown parents.

Mary Susan WASHBURN was born 28 September 1866 in Vinton, Gallia county, Ohio to civil war veteran Francis Marion WASHBURN and Lovina MATTHEWS. In the 1870s, the family moved to Cincinnati. On the 19 December 1883, Lovina died when Mary was 17 years old. Mary had three younger sisters, Lizzie Gertrude (17 Oct 1868-24 Feb 1869), Myrtle Ione (3 Nov 1873-24 Mar 1951), and Sylvia Cynthia (29 Jan 1878-29 Jun 1934).

George and Mary were married in Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio on 5 September 1886.
Ohio, "Marriage Record (1808-1931)," volume 99, page 416, no. 827, George E Hillis and Mary S Washburn, marriage on 6 September 1886; digital images, Hamilton County Probate Courty (, Cincinnati.

George and Mary welcomed 3 children before their daughter Alice was born.

Joseph Mills HILLIS was born 24 Dec 1887 in Cincinnati. He moved to Texas and later to El Dorado, Butler county, Kansas. He married Margaret around 1922 and died May 1974.

Francis Marion HILLIS was born 13 Dec 1888 in Cincinnati and named after his grandfather. He married Mary Ann JOHNSTON on 6 Feb 1926 in Cincinnati. He died in Rising Sun, Indiana on 12 Oct 1977 and buried in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati.

Sylvia C HILLIS was born 13 Aug 1892 in Kentucky and named for her aunt. She married Sidney Sayers CLEMENTS on 2 Oct 1915 in Cincinnati. She lived in Kentucky.

Next time we learn about the birth of Alice Susan HILLIS.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Estate records of WASHBURN sisters

Ever since I heard about the Hamilton County (Ohio) Probate Court's release of digital documents, I have been scouring it to find mentions of my ancestors. Earlier this week, I wrote about finally obtaining the marriage certificate of my brickwall ancestor, George E Hillis. Although I didn't find any new information in this document, it was something that I had been meaning to find.

I also searched through the estate records. There was nothing on George (who probably died in Indiana) or his wife Mary WASHBURN (who died a widow in Cincinnati in 1919). They probably didn't have any property in Ohio and could possible have estate records in Indiana. I also didn't find any estate records of Mary's father, Francis Marion WASHBURN (one of my civil war ancestors).

What I did find were the estate records of Mary's sisters, Sylvia Cynthia WASHBURN and Myrtle Iona WASHBURN WATERS. These records were rich in family details.

Sylvia was a spinster. She left her estate to her sister Myrtle and her nieces and nephews. Myrtle had one son and the rest of the heirs were all HILLIS children (well they weren't children by then, but you know what I mean). My great grandmother Alice HILLIS BASCOM was to receive $800 dollars after Sylvia died. I wonder if she got her full inheritance. I'm sure it would have been a great help in 1934 during the depression. Sylvia also left money to her niece, Sylvia CLEMENTS. This was the first time I encountered the married name of Alice's sister Sylvia (probably named after her mother's sister).

Myrtle's will set up a trust fund for her only grandchild (her son had already passed away when Myrtle died in 1951). In the case that her grandson died before he could inherit the trust fund and he left no heirs, the money was to be paid to various relatives and institutions. Among the heirs, she named my grandmother, her sister and brother. She also named 3 CLEMENTS children. As far as I know my grandmother never received this money, so Myrtle's grandson must have survived or produced heirs.

Armed with Sylvia's married name and the names of 3 of her children, I was able to find them living in Kenton county, Kentucky in the 1920 and 1930 censuses. Sylvia's husband Sidney Sayers CLEMENTS died in 1940. I have not found a death record for Sylvia yet, but at least now I have some more information about her. Hopefully, her information will help me break down my brick wall.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Marriage of George E HILLIS and Mary S WASHBURN

My #1 brick wall ancestor has been George E HILLIS. I have not found any original sources that list the name of his parents and I haven't wanted to leap to conclusions too fast.

I found the marriage of George HILLIS and his wife Mary Susan WASHBURN in an index of Hamilton county, Ohio marriage records months ago, but never too the time to obtain the original. This changed last week when the Hamilton County Probate Court announced that they had digitized over a million documents.

Armed with the volume and entry number of their marriage record, I easily found it in the database. Did it give me any new information? No. But I was pretty sure that it wouldn't tell me the names of George's parents in a marriage record from 1886. But now I have the original document and KNOW what it says and doesn't say.

It's great that I finally have this document (and have been finding other great information on my family from this website) but there is one problem. Once again I find myself thinking that if I just wait long enough everything will be online and I shouldn't have to order any microfilm now. I just need to keep reminding myself that I don't want to wait to further my ancestral lines (and keep my new year's resolutions).

If you know more about the George HILLIS family, send me an email to and let's see what we can find together!